The first postage stamps of Ukraine (Ukrainian People's Republic) were issued in 1918 years. These five stamps were imperforated and printed on the thin paper.
The first stamps of independent Ukraine were issued on March 1st, 1992 in Canada.
In 1992 years Ukrainian Post overprinted Soviet Union postage stamps with trident for use in Kiev and Lvov post offices. It seems, other USSR overprinted stamps with similar designs are illegal issues. Also a lot of stamps were printed with hand made seals and postmarks.
A high inflation from the 15 kopecks in 1992 to 100 000 karbovantsiv in 1996 caused stamp values to soar. On September 2nd, 1996 Ukraine introduced new currency hryvnia (UAH). New postage stamps were printed and denominated in this currency.

You can find pictures of stamps, description, Michel numbers of all stamps issued from 1992 till today by the link below.


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